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mj_fanart's Journal

King of Pop
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"fame & fortune"

describes us lot,
who enjoy to create miscellaneous fan-ish
things all around the king of pop.

That can include:

Digital Fanarts like Icons, Banners,
Desktop Wallpapers, Blends and Collages,
Bookmarks, Manipulations, Vector-Art
and a lot more.

Also traditional arts like sketches, storys
and drawings are very welcome, just as Fanvideos.
All creations that were made by yourself
have now a place where you can show them off.

Of course you need some webspace first to upload
your works and then provide a link to your art.

You can find some image hosting for example at:



Annoying, but neccessary to mention:

The Rules.

Essentials would be the famous LJ-Cut.
You should use it when including an artwork in your posting.
Like that you can avoid some computers to crash.
Not everyone has a fast web-connection and
they might become angry when your 300 KB
image seems to load forever.

Grab an LJ-cut and hide your image behind it.
It´s for the better, believe me.

If you don´t know how to create an LJ-Cut,
you can read the Livejournal-FAQ
for this particular topic.

Now, a certain Etiquette is essential, too.
We all share a particular interest,
have something incommon.

So we should feel a connection between all
community-members and not flame or spam them.
Please hit the "post to community"-button only then,
when you have something spiffy to show here or of course,
if you want to leave some nice comment and/or
review to an artwork somebody has contributed.


i've already made some tags,
the tags have been created to allow users
to find better search results when visiting this community.

Please use them!

if you feel that a tag is missing,
please feel free to write a mail to lhenya.

Speaking of comments:

Please do not overtake silence here,
and take a sec to always leave a comment
on stuff people have posted.
Feedback is lovely food for artists.
It only takes some seconds to write
a short note and hit the button...


causefire (layout), kisswithatear (tutorial for the header), mj_icons (thanks for promote)